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Feet In Your Shoes by busaikko

Ronon doesn't know exactly how old he was when he ran, and he's not sure how long it's been since he lived in a house with a family. It's kind of nice. He knows that technically Teyla's place is a temporary living facility, but it's the best he's ever been in.

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Five headlines which Rodney McKay wishes to assure you have absolutely nothing to do with Ronon Dex and John Sheppard having sex. by Leanne

Ronon's a star NBA player and John's the hustler he picks up in a club one night. Ronon's agent, Rodney, throws a fit and insists that Ronon date pop star Teyla because "basketball isn't ice skating and anyway America really doesn't like queer sports stars." Wacky hijinks ensue when Rodney falls for Teyla, and Ronon and John prove to be terrible at being discreet.

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Johnny Shep by Idyll

John Sheppard as Ally McBeal.

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The Best Days of My Life by kanata, kyuuketsukirui

John and Ronon are in High School when they discover kink together.

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What It's Made by Bluflamingo

Ronon has been on tour with the Satedan acting troupe for months. His friends celebrate his return with a party.

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